October 16, 2007

Expect more tax on booze

In Labour's continuing War on Liberty their successful of their campaign against smokers looks like being followed up with one on drink, and it appears that the first salvos have started to fall. The research may junk but I think that we can expect this to be used as an excuse for a substantial tax increase on booze next budget. However they may find this a rather harder target than smoking because here in the west drinking is such a deep part of our culture. drinking is in our DNA. Literally in our DNA, the peoples that purified their water by using alcohol have a gene to offset some of its effects not present amongst those that boiled it instead. When booze is prohibited people quickly find a way around it, everybody knows about the US example but there are also the secret bars even in Saudi Arabia and with the large taxes on booze in scandinavia the Swedes pop over the border to Denmark or the Norwegians creating up a truly venomous homebrew. Trying to take away the effects of the demon drink could prove to be the bridge (over a wine lake) too far. Quite frankly without dionysus' gentle embrace to numb the pains inflicted by Labour's nanny state who would want to live in their proscribed and pleasureless world? Take away the comforting fuzz of alcohol and there will be a social revolt which they simply will not be able to handle.


Yes, this was blogged drunk. Simply to spite them,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I expect the channel ferries and Eurotunnel will be overjoyed.

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